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  2.1.2 Adjustment from USB- Dataspy:

These option is active when you have choice query from USB- Dataspy.
That work only with Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

USB- operating:
BinTerm dedect automatic witch components have the USB- Dataspy- connector included. You can choice in the USB- operating the way what you want to protocoling.
Is the USB- Dataspy not correct connected, or BinTerm cannot create a connection to the dataspy, the list USB- operating is empty.
On operating mode V24 and RS422 / RS485 are the connection parameters describe in part 2.1:

Baud rate measure:
In these working mode are never data send to the other port
. The lines RxD and TxD are alternately every second measure. After measure the USB-Dataspy write the baud rate into the protocol. A measure from PC- side is protocoling in black, a measure from SPS-side in red. Is in the measure never a baud rate dedect, BinTerm generate no entry in the protocol.
The USB- Dataspy calculate the baud rate, a different in the protocol is normal.
Exmple Broadcasting with 9600 baud:
This difference comes on baud rates from more as 1200 baud. On 9600 baud are these ca. 1-2 %. At bigger baud rates the desplayed difference is bigger.
When you cannot find the exact baud rate, the UART- chip can compensate 1-2% from the original baud rate.

With a colored circle in the USB- operating box can you see the sate from Dataspy- Connector:
red Cannot find the USB- Dataspy, not correctly connected.
grey No USB- Dataspy required
yellow BinTerm set the USB- Dataspy into work..
green The USB- Dataspy working fine.

Selftest- feature form USB- Dataspy:
At every from the new communication parameters, the USB- Dataspy make self test. In these time, the red LED goes for a short time on. When the Lamp is flash, the USB- Dataspy has detect an error. BinTerm take a error- code on your display.