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  3.2.1 Installation USB-Driver for Windows 98:

After generating a driver disk with BinTerm (see 3.2) you must integrate the driver into windows.

Connect the USB- Dataspy with you PC. Windows detect a new device and want install a driver:

Start installation, press "next"
"List the driver from a definitely directory" (choice the second one)
then press "next".
choice a "HID (Human Interface Device)" from the list. A HID-Device is a USB- device.
and "next".
Press the "disk"- button and choice the floppy disk.
Select "MmVisual BinTerm an USB" - the device driver for the USB- Dataspy.
Start installation with "next"
Installation finish, you can use the USB- Dataspy.
BinTerm can use without reboot your PC the USB- Dataspy.