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  3.3 Command line parameter:

BinTerm know a lot of command line parameter where you can insert into a link. With them you can deactivate some functions from BinTerm.

Parameter Funktion
/? Show a Info-Box at startup, with version- informations. After them BinTerm startup normally.
/REGSERVER Register BinTerm as DCOM-Server slient. (Without this parameter, BinTerm want register itself on every startup)
/UNREGSERVER Unregister BinTerm as DCOM-Server slient.
/COMOFF Deactivate all DCOM function.
/UDPOFF Deactivate the TCP/IP function. Then BinTerm cannot connect to a other BinTerm over network.
/ERRLOG If BinTerm have intern any problems, you can activate a logging file "BintermErr.log". With them, BinTerm write all intern errors in this file. Additional BinTerm log the user actions, too.
/MmVisual This parameter activate the extenden BinTerm- functions. If you want develop a Cypress microcontroller or a Atmel CAN-ISP-chip, then you have many development functions. It is very usefull for develop with USB-BOARD or CAN-BOARD from my homepage.

To activate this parameter, generate at best a link from BinTerm to your desktop. Click with the right mouse button on this link and open the properties dialog.
On "Link" in the line "Destination" is the link to the "BinTerm.exe" with full path.
The startup parameter can you write in this line. At first, add a space character, then your parameter.
Press OK to save this settings. On next start from this link, BinTerm work with the new parameter.

Normally, you don't need any Parameters.

Have you no administrative rights on this PC, and BinTerm cannot start, then add the command line parameter "/COMOFF" on your link.