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3. What do when ...

... never data protocoling?
Check, have you choice the right COM- port and are all connectors right connected.
After open from COM- port, BinTerm allow never
generate a error message.
The communication between both connectors must work right, when a Dataspy- Connector is never in the line. Work the communication not right, you must check the right cable confections. It can help, when you insert a 0-modem-cable into the line.
A extension cable for the "Mini"- Dataspy bus be 1:1.

... only corrupt data in the protocol?
Check your COM- port parameters check COM- number, baud rate, parity, data- and stop bits. The most protocols use no parity and one stop bits.

... the direction not right protocoling?
On a 32- Bit Windows system cannot a program directly connect to a serial COM- port. If the direction change in very small time, the windows system cannot give this information BinTerm.

... on start from the program BinTerm comes te error "Cannot open COMn "?
When after alter the COM- port number to a valid port never data are protocoling, restart the Binterm program.
Are nevertheless no data coming in the protocol, so you must remove the Dataspy- Connector and reboot your PC.
If on the COM- port is a modem or a other device, the windows system can block the COM- port.

... not all bytes are correctly displayed?
Make the windows from BinTerm smaller. Then windows need less time to paint the graphics on your screen. Then BinTerm have more time to query the COM- ports.

... on close from BinTerm comes the error: "cannot save the configuration file"?
Create a link to BinTerm on your desktop. The directory "Run in" must have the same as "destination". Then the configuration file can BinTerm save in the same directory who is BinTerm.exe. Are you working with newer Windows systems, you must have the rights on these folder.

... no sound, but the sound output is activated?
Check your control panel > sounds "standard noise" if there is a sound activated.

... on start comes the exception EOleSysError?
BinTerm is at first time started on your PC. When you have never Admin- rights, BinTerm cannot register the OLE- server.
- start BinTerm with the command line parameter /COMOFF or
- log on your PC with admin rights and start BinTerm one time or
- give you local admin rights.

Have you nevertheless unanswerable problems, so look at my homepage if there gives a newer version. The version number can you find in "Info".
If is your problem not correct, then write me a E-Mail with a good description, please. You can write in German or in English.
With "check on newer version" can BinTerm check if a newer version exists in the internet and download it.